Sunday supper: creamy mushroom tarragon chicken

I am so going to try this recipe, It looks so good I can almost smell it through the computer!

Peaches & Poppycock

first, i know. i know. i feel like every other post these days is about food. but the fact is, eating is like one of the only things i do every single day without fail, so there is a lot of material. that’s my excuse and i’m stickin’ to it.IMG_4452
this evening is the first time i’ve cooked Sunday supper in at least 3 weeks, and i figured a welcome home meal for Spy was in order (he treated me to Valentine’s Day dinner last night). it is freezing and windy out, and there are even threats of something frozen falling from the sky tomorrow. so it seemed like throwing something warm and creamy in the slow cooker to simmer all afternoon was an amazing plan. it was.

of course, i just kind of threw this together from what i had in the house — winged it and eyeballed measurements…

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