When is it safe to take our ‘mask’ off…?

Memoirs of an Average Guy

Welcome to my sixth blog post. I’d like to firstly start off with this post by saying thank you for the interaction with my previous posts and positive feedback, it is much appreciated.

We all at some point will wear a mask to hide our true feelings, to react appropriately to a situation or environment. We probably do this on multiple occasions throughout the day, sometimes with our realising it. I use the term mask as a metaphor and not literally, unless of course you wear actual masks on a regular occurrence.

But when do we take off that mask to show our true feelings? When is it ever truly safe to do so?

We would all like to respond to work colleagues in an angry manner or complain to our boss about something, but due to respect and appropriateness, we hide behind our masks to act in accordance of…

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