1g Carb Bread?! Soul Bread

I gotta try this!

Quarter Soul Crisis.

I have to get it out there and say- I tried to avoid making this bread for as long as possible. There are a lot of complaints. Some people say it tastes eggy, cheesy, or it’s too expensive. While you do taste the cream cheese a little bit, it’s a pretty amazing, crazy-low, alternative to bagels and toast. I mean, if you are going to be eating bread for one carb you SoulBreadcan only expect so much!
Most importantly, I couldn’t pass the next America’s Test Kitchen lesson without a bread alternative (Hello, Keto Eggs Benedict!)

I know that tons of people have made Soul Bread already. But it is really important to me for those who haven’t to make the foods we used to have every day before Keto. The staples–the breads, mayos, ice creams, egg breakfasts, and more. Don’t think you have to eat entirely new foods. You just have…

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